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Mastic/Expansion Joint 

Expansion Joints provide space between concrete slabs as a buffer for expansion on hot days and contraction when it is cold.   If they come open, water will be allowed to run under the bed of the slab, eroding it and creating voids which  can heave and cause major cracks and displacement in the concrete.  Open joints can also be point of deterioration of the concrete because of weed growth and insect penetration. 

Joints will accumulate dirt and debris, allow grass or weeds to grow, and allow water to filter under the slab, etc.  Water under the slab accelerates the settling of the concrete slab creating uneven concrete surfaces and cracks which is a very serious problem in Texas.

Repair Benefits


  • Reduces Cracking
  • Prevents water from running below the concrete and creating voids
  • Eliminates the accumulation of dirt, salt, and other foreign materials
  • Prevents weed and grass growth
  • Prevents breakage from creating trip points
  • Humidity Retention - Reduced Ground shifting
  • Bonds to concrete for long service life - will expand up to 1" before breaking
  • Prevents water from getting to rebar and creating rust
  •  Easier to clean
  •  Improves appearance of property 


The expansion joints should be inspected yearly and replaced when you notice the sealant in the expansion joint is peeling, cracking or wood is rotting. Other indicators include pool tiles falling off, cracks in your concrete, or heaving (rising) in your concrete or pool deck. In fact, anytime you notice the concrete is changing it means you should inspect your expansion joints and mastic for seal leaks.

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